Since more than 7 years, I have been dealing with layouting of beautiful web & print experiences, that are concentrating on simplicity and usage.

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How I work

I am working remotely from my office in Stuttgart. Customers & partner that are cooperating with me often use Slack, Teams, Zoom, Sketch, Figma and Asana to communicate, create and for project management.

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What I can offer you

Services & Skills

My services include the whole process of digital product design for websites and web-apps, as well as communication of brands and visualizations, user experience design (UX) and user interface design (UI).

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UX/UI Design
Webflow Development
Shopify Development

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Wenn du auf der Suche nach dem billigsten Preis oder dein Projekt unrealistische Deadlines hat, kann ich dir leider nicht weiterhelfen.
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What I am often asked by new customers

How are we starting?

1. We make an appointment for our Kick-Off.

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2. After our Kick-Off, I create the specifications that you can check, review and approve.

3. As soon as the specifications are approved, I will send you a contract for reviewing and digital signing.

4. If the offer is accepted, you will get an invoice with 50% of your order and I start with the work.

5. After finishing the project – if everything is fine and accepted – you are paying the second half of the invoice.

Sounds good? I am happy to hear from you!

Are you paided per hour or flat-rate?

Both. Generally I work on hourly paid basis or daily rates. For projects, that are clearly defined with project scope and specification, I also offer project based flat-rates.

Are you interested? I am happy to hear from you!

Can you also do bigger projects?

Of course! For bigger projects, I use my big network of designers, web developers and copywriter. As a rehearsed team, we have a lot of experienced with outstanding workflows and bigger projects are no problem at all.

Are you working with contracts/NDAs?

Yes, most of the time! Before we start your project, I will sign a NDA in advance, because open communication and transparency is key for successful cooperation. That is also the reason, why I cannot show you all of my successful realized project references for my customers.

Are you interested in a Brezel with butter? Perfect! Lets talk!

I am happy to hear from you!

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